What is cold pressing?

Cold pressing is a method of extracting the juice from the fruits and vegetables without the introduction of heat treatment, this ensures a fresh taste and preserves the nutrients as best as possible.

What is HPP?

Most of us want to have juice as fresh as possible, but that can mean that it can only be stored for a short time. HPP (High Pressure Processing) is a revolutionary innovation where the life of a product is extended by using pressure instead of heat treatment or additives. In doing so, the original nutrients in the juice are preserved as best as possible, while ensuring food safety by killing harmful bacteria, leaving a juice that is both good tasting and good for body and soul.

What is the juice made of?

The juice is made from freshly harvested fruits and vegetables, no unnecessary additives.

Is there added sugar?

No! There is no added sugar in our juices. The only sugar is fruit sugar from nature.

Why does the juice separate?

No worries. Did you know that if juice separates, it is a sign that it is fresh. Since our juices are never heat-treated or contain unnecessary additives, it is a natural process that the fruit pulp separates from the juice and sinks to the bottom. This may look strange in the store, but it is a sign of quality. Always shake our cold-pressed juices well before use!

How is the packaging?

Our bottles are eco-friendly, made from 25% biobased plastic and 75% recycled plastic (RPET). In addition, we only use transparent caps that contain no dyes, so the caps can be recycled better.

Why aren’t the bottles completely clear in color?

Our bottles are slightly darker than standard PET bottles. This is because they are made from recycled material made from grey, blue and transparent bottles.

Is the packaging free of BPA?


Can the bottles be recycled?

NO, the bottles are returnable and therefore grouped with other bottle packaging. We encourage you to take the bottles to the nearest recycling center, after which you keep the cycle going so that the bottles can be recycled again and receive ISK 16. for each bottle.